14 July 2007

Isaiah Testifies of Christ

But that I might more fully persuade them to believe
in the Lord their Redeemer
I did read them that which was written
by the prophet Isaiah

1 Nephi 19:23

My home page on the study of the Holy Scriptures revolves around such topics as free or low cost resources for the study of the Holy Scriptures, most especially the latter Prophets of the Old Testament; the integrity of the Holy Scriptures; ancient manuscripts; and Bible versions. I have included resources developed by students of the Holy Scriptures who come form a variety of backgrounds and religions. This page, in contrast, is written directly to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who have an interest in the Prophet Isaiah, and what latter-day prophets of this dispensation have had to say about him. It is hoped that both members, as well as our friends from other faiths, may find some value in these pages. There are numerous verses where little has been said by Church leaders. I have endeavoured to study the work of students of Isaiah from both the Christian and Jewish perspectives. Often, these shed valuable insight into the meaning of Isaiah’s writings.

When the margins of my scriptures could no longer hold my notes, my wife suggested that I keep a separate journal. I will be posting these as PDF files. Each of them has a “last revised” date, indicating that I am continually learning new things and editing these files. Because so few people, relatively speaking, are interested in Isaiah, I found that writing was a little like talking to myself when nobody else might want to listen. While I have no interest in engaging in contentious arguments, I am interested in hearing your opinions. I have a great love for people of all faiths. --

Gregorio Billikopf (27 June 2007)

NOTE: Free Isaiah PDF files may now be found at: http://isaiah.awardspace.biz/.

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