17 March 2014

(Tsaddouki - צדוקי )—Sadducees

I was browsing through Geikie’s The Life and Words of Christ and came across this little pearl: “The word righteous receives an illustration of its meaning among the Jews, from the name by which the Zealots of the Law were known, from the time of John Hyrcanus. צדוק (Tsaddouk) or צדוקי (Tsaddouki)—Sadducees—was the name given to the party who prided themselves on strict legality. It came from צַדִּיק (Tsaddik) ‘just, righteous’ applied both to God and men. —Isaiah 45:21; Proverbs 29:7. Yet, besides legal exactness, it, in other cases, implied moral worth.” (p.562, 1896 Revised Edition).

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