10 August 2014

My Autistic Nephew Saved a Man's Life by Terry Billikopf

My daughter-in-law wrote a wonderful article about her nephew: "Elliot has autism, is seven years old, and is very strong and curious. He has been known to find his way into unlocked back doors and help himself to the exploration of the homes of unsuspecting neighbors. He is quite the escape artist and he doesn’t have a sense of danger. Molly, my sister, prays every day for God to protect her son, Elliot, and to help her keep him alive.

The up-high lock on the basement sliding glass door, used in order to keep Elliot inside, broke and remained so waiting for a replacement. Usually it was almost impossible for Elliot to let himself out, but one day when being cared for by a baby sitter, he managed to go down unnoticed into the basement." (Continue reading) My autistic nephew saved a man's life

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