28 April 2015

Jacob Leeser - 1853 Translation of the Holy Scriptures

I am more than a little thrilled. I recently downloaded Jacob Leeser’s translation through eSword. I frequently do comparisons between the many versions I have regarding specific verses in the book of Isaiah. There are a few versions among very many I have come to count on for giving excellent translations. Recently, one of those has been that of Jacob Leeser. I knew nothing about him until today. So, I decided to find out a little more about who he was and when he translated the Holy Scriptures. Leeser’s translation may have been the first Jewish translation into English, a work he produced in 1853. I have now downloaded this version PDF (https://archive.org/details/twentyfourbookso01lees) with all of its footnotes through the Internet Archive and thought I would share that with others who might be interested. By the way, the Internet has several very interesting articles on Jacob Leeser.   

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